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Stuck Between is a 2D roguelike game starring a girl named Yichen! This young warrior is neither a sci-fi space princess nor a fantasy knight. However, she still has the courage to hop between dimensions facing dangerous foes!

The game features a top-down 2D action perspective in the spirit of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and The Binding of Isaac. Hone your skills, as you stand to gain enticing rewards and upgrades as you improve your performance each run! So run, slash, parry and dodge your way through the Cave of Skledor and creep through the half-powered Laboratory 6 to find your way to the end of the randomly-generated map.

This game is currently a work in progress, and will greatly benefit from meaningful beta tester feedback. Any contribution you make to this game's development is much appreciated! We aim provide our own take on the procedurally-generated 2D action dungeon crawling formula. Thank you for playing!

NEW Version 1.0: A new level! New enemy types! New scoring system! Plus, music.

Install instructions

Download the file, and unzip the folder anywhere you like. After unzipping, you can consult the readme or launch the executable.


Source Code v1.0.0.zip 196 MB
StuckBetweenMac.zip 24 MB
StuckBetweenWindows.zip 23 MB

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